Medical Oncology (Journal)
Medical Oncology is a well-established, highly reputed international peer-reviewed journal published by the Dutch Pubishing giant WoltersKluwer (Ovid), featuring original papers and reviews dedicated to the study of those areas of oncology and hematology that are most relevant to clinical practice. The focus of the journal includes not only the biology, immunology, epidemiology, pathology, pathogenesis and genetics of malignant tumors, but also the widest coverage of clinical issues associated with the disease.

Topics treated run the gamut from articles on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of solid and hematologic tumors, to work on the psychological, social and economic aspects of cancer. The journal also features review articles on the practice of medical oncology, and brief case reports highlighting elements of clinical practice.

Molecular mechanisms and signal pathways in medical oncology. Novel cancer drugs and therapies, including immunotherapy and gene therapy. A combination of clinical and clinically relevant lab research. Collaborative work from the clinical laboratory interface

Broad Subjects:
-Clinical Medicine

Specific Subjects:
- Epidemiology & Public Health
- Oncology
- Allergy & Immunology
- Hematology
- Pathology
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